Red Zone glory goals

Red Zone have been busy ruffling feathers since their launch as the sports betting platform continually search outside the box for new and exciting ways to bet. Their main aim, besides offering great prices on the most popular sports to UK and Irish punters, appears to be breaking the mould by approaching betting from a fun, entertaining angle and that has contributed to a surge in popularity.

Glory Goals at Red Zone sports

The latest trick pulled from the American focused brands hat is their eye-catching Glory Goals promotion. It promises to have you cheering every goal that hits the net across a range of fixtures. In a match-bet style format, Red Zone allows punters to pick two teams playing in different fixtures and challenges them to predict which will score most goals.
Let’s look at an example for a clearer picture of how this all works…

How does Red Zone glory goals work?

Liverpool v Everton

Man City v Man Utd

Both home teams need the points to strengthen their push for the title, but both are involved in tricky derby matches that could go either way. You can now avoid picking the winner of each match and, instead, wager on which side will score most goals, Liverpool or Man City.

That bet is exciting as every goal brings you closer to a pay-out and it also rewards players with value for money as you are getting two games for the price of one, flicking between Anfield and the Etihad for an update on which side is ahead in the match bet.

Prices depend on the team involved playing at home or away, their recent form, the form of their rival in the head-to-head, how many goals they have scored in recent outings and how many their match bet rival have managed to slot home. There’s a lot going on here and it makes for a real thrill.

Football thrives on rivalry, especially in the major European leagues and you can pair two derby foes in this Glory Goals bet, such as Tottenham to out-score Arsenal in two separate Premier League fixtures. You can also club together a region and this one has proven to be extremely popular with supporters in the English top-flight. Try Scousers v Cockneys or even colours, Reds v Blues.

Bet across cities, leagues or even shirt colours!

The biggest and best league in Europe is always a source of fiery debate with many believing the English Premier League to be the jewel in the crown, while others think La Liga tops the tree. Don’t forget Serie A, Bundesliga or even Ligue 1. You can find out once and for all – or at least for a weekend – when betting on one league to produce more goals than a rival, for example the Premier League to finish with more than La Liga. That’ll certainly keep you busy for a weekend.

The fun doesn’t stop there either – the more Redzone Glory Goals bets you get right the more you will win. Climb the ladder to success. Every time you bet £10 or more on Glory Goals, you’ll receive 10 free spins on casino – win, lose or draw. With Glory Goals challenge you’ll be paid a £50 bonus if you get five right in-a-row and a stunning £2000 for 10 on the spin.

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