William Hill cash direct


William Hill cash direct

In this guide we explain exactly what William Hill cash direct is, and how you can use it. What’s more, if you are yet to set up an online account with William Hill, we show you how to take advantage of our exclusive sign up offer. This is worth a £30 from your first £10 bet for something you were going to do anyway! Simply click the button below to claim it.

    What is William Hill cash direct?

    Cash Direct allows you to make a cash deposit or withdrawal to your William Hill online account, via the local shop. There are a few key benefits to this:

    • No need to link a bank card to your online account. You can choose to only deposit with cash, which makes controlling your betting balance easier.
    • No credit checks required.
    • Any winnings from your online account can be turned into cash at your local William Hill.

    How to get started with William Hill cash direct

    To use William Hill cash direct you need an online account to receive the cash you deposit in store. If you do not have an account, you can click the button above to set one up, and in doing so you will qualify for our exclusive offer, worth £30. (If you already have an account, skip this step).

    1. Make your deposit – In your local William Hill you can ask to place a CashDirect deposit at the counter. This can be done in cash or by debit card.

    2. In exchange for the payment you will receive a CashDirect Voucher – this will have a unique 19 digit number which is specifically for your deposit amount. Keep it safe and take it home to your computer.

    3. Apply the CashDirect voucher to your online account – this is done at William Hill. Click the link to make a deposit (or visit the cashier) and choose the CashDirect option. You will be prompted for the 19 digit code on your voucher and the amount of your deposit. Confirm these details and the amount will instantly be credited to your online account.

    That’s it, you’re ready to use the funds online.

    William Hill cash direct withdrawal

    One of the main benefits of William Hill Cash Direct is that you can collect your online winnings in the local William Hill branch. This works via a unique payout system that is exclusive to William Hill. The process is essentially the opposite of the deposit method above, you need to do as follows:

    1. Visit the cashier and select withdraw. You’ll be presented with a list of available options, select the option to withdraw to “cash direct,” as indicated by the logo:

    William Hill cash direct withdrawal

    2. Confirm the amount you wish to withdraw, you can choose between £10 and £500 immediately. Larger amounts are possible, but take a little longer.

    3. Print the CashDirect voucher and take it to your local William Hill shop. You will be able to redeem it over the counter and take your winnings in cash. Simple as that!

    Below we have included a few of the rules for CashDirect from the William Hill website. Please check these over before proceeding.

    Your online account must have a currency as Pounds Sterling (GBP).

    CashDirect vouchers should be considered as cash and kept safe until credited to your account. If lost, William Hill will not refund money.

    You should have a zero balance and no open bets when changing to CashDirect so as to avoid confusion by mixing funds from different sources.

    All vouchers have an expiry date of 3 months from creation.

    Only 2 withdrawals are permitted per day.

    When in the shop to make a withdrawal, you may be asked to provide identification. If you used a debit card it will be this, and you may also need a photo ID such as a passport / driving licence.

    CashDirect withdrawals are only available for customers who deposited via CashDirect and who are withdrawing winnings. If you have deposited with a different payment type within a 13 week rolling period then you will need to withdraw previous total deposits via that method before being eligible for a CashDirect withdrawal.

    All vouchers have an expiry date of 3 months from creation.

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