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This article explains what NETELLER is, and why you should be using it when depositing to online bookmakers. We’ve also got a special deal with NETELLER that means you’ll get free money simply for using it! Read on to find out more.


In a nutshell, NETELLER is an e-wallet or online finance service, where users can instantly transfer money in a fast, simple and secure manner. Based on the Isle of Man and available to people in over 200 countries worldwide, the service acts as a third party for deposits to, and withdrawals from online merchants. One popular use is the deposit and withdrawal of online betting funds. To paint a clearer picture, in comparison, NETELLER is similar in service to Paypal. Essentially, a ‘middle-man’ service which allows customers to securely transfer money online.

Why use NETELLER for online betting?

Nowadays, lots of online punters use multiple betting accounts. This is a particular area where NETELLER can become advantageous for punters. For example, if you were to simply withdraw funds from multiple accounts directly into your bank, you would find yourself waiting for separate payments to clear, often at different times. This is because each online betting site varies in the time it takes to process withdrawals into a customer’s bank. Using NETELLER allows punters to withdraw all separate funds into their online account so that one collective payment can then be transferred directly into their bank. This can be a useful asset when it comes to keeping on top of both your ingoing and outgoing finances.

NETELLER is also especially useful for those who live or have money in an area where there are restrictions on online gambling, NETELLER provides a helping hand by offering a way around such barriers. Using a variety of payment methods, customers can link payments to NETELLER, who in turn link payments to online gambling sites. Similarly, money can easily be withdrawn through NETELLER directly into a bank account.

Being one of the world’s largest and most popular money transfer services, NETELLER allows punters to move money in the world of online betting with greater freedom. In addition to depositing and withdrawing funds, NETELLER can also be used in order to quickly transfer funds to other users.

NETELLER is fast becoming a top choice for more and more online gamblers. Opening an account is simple and can be done by visiting their site. In order to open an account you will be required to link a payment method. NETELLER accepts most payment types, e.g. Visa (both credit and debit), Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, online check and wire transfer. Upon opening an account, customers can use it as often as they wish in order to transfer gambling funds.

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More advantages of NETELLER

Accessibility – Punters are able to use NETELLER with all the main online bookmakers, you can see confirmation of this when you visit their sites, NETELLER will be listed as a recommended deposit option. However, it is also important for potential users to note that NETELLER is not available in certain countries, the US being the most notable of absentees. Under US regulation, companies operating within America are forbidden from processing payment via NETELLER. A fact also true in the following countries: Thailand, Afghanistan, Indonesia and Malaysia.

NETELLER security

As one would hope when concerning the movement of finances online, NETELLER are a company who take security very seriously. Likewise, all betting sites which partner NETELLER share the same high security views. It is said that when using NETELLER, the level of security is far greater than when simply using your credit or debit card independently. Using such a service to process payments, means that only one company has access to your financial details as opposed to several. Secondly, NETELLER protects data with what they describe as “military-grade encryption technology”. This means that customers are avoiding the potential risk of disclosing financial information on sites which are operating from an insecure or non-encrypted connection. For further security, NETELLER incorporates both the Visa and MasterCard Securecode systems. Thus every time you make a deposit from a card issued by either of these companies, your previously decided password is required to prevent fraudulent payment.

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