Paddy Power Daily Jackpots

** Guaranteed to be won every day before midnight! **

The Daily Jackpot at Paddy Power Games

You might have seen the latest TV ad featuring none other than the self proclaimed special one himself Jose Mourinho! You can view it a bit further down the page if you fancy a giggle. Plus Paddy Power games has come up with a fantastic new offer for anyone who likes a spin on the slots!

    What is the Paddy Power Daily Jackpots?

    Their unique daily jackpot slots are guaranteed to trigger every single day, before midnight. The closer it gets to midnight, the higher the chance you have of hitting it, and recently the jackpots have had an average daily pay out of over £15,000!

    The official advert explaining a bit more about it isn’t currently available on You Tube, we’ll add it back in again if we can find it.

    How does Paddy Power Daily Jackpots work?

    It’s a large amount of money you can win when playing slots with Paddy Power Games! As we said above, the average jackpot is over £15,000 each and every single time it drops. And in case we didn’t make it clear, this happens EVERY DAY!

    The daily jackpot can be won by anyone playing Paddy Power games, but if you are new to Paddy Power then you can also take advantage of the exclusive sign up offer we have for you. The details are explained in the banner below, but its easy enough to get started, just click the button at the top to claim the offer.

    Paddy Power Daily Jackpots with Jose Mourinho!

    Remember that this offer applies to both new and existing customers, anyone can win the prize each and every day.

    Paddy Power daily jackpot tips

    There’s one fairly obvious hint you can take into account when playing the qualifying Paddy Power slots. That is to simply monitor the Daily Jackpot as the clock ticks on. The closer it gets to midnight without dropping, the more chance you have. This is simply because there are only so many players, and only so many spins that can be played within a certain time frame.

    As an extreme example, if you were the only person playing the games, and you had a spin at 1 second to midnight, it would HAVE to win the jackpot! Of course in reality, there will be plenty other players all vying for a shot at it, but at least you know that the later it gets, the more your chances improve.

    Paddy Power Games – which one qualify for the Jackpot?

    Once you’re logged into Paddy Power Games you’ll see the menu bar across the top of the screen. This includes a tab for “Daily Jackpots” where you’ll find all the qualifying games. Take your pick and click to load it up. You’ll notice that once it has you have the Daily Jackpot counter displayed alongside the slot of your choice.

    This acts as a handy reminder for both how long is left, and more importantly, how much you stand to win!

    The top rated Daily Jackpot games include:

    Five Star, Persian Fortune, Lucky Wizard, Blue Diamond and Rainbow Jackpots. But there are many more qualifying games with a variety of themes and styles of play.

    Good luck, let us know if you win the Big One!

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