William Hill Vegas welcome bonus

William Hill is one of the oldest and best known bookmaking brands. Founded in London, it is a UK company that has been around for almost a century. A lot has changed in this time – particularly in the digital era – and throughout the years the company has grown into one of the worldwide gaming giants.

        In this review we’ll be concentrating on the William Hill casino products. There are now a number of these with varying themes and styles, catering perfectly for different types of casino users. It really is one of the most comprehensive product suites around, with an emphasis on quality and top customer satisfaction. Lets have a look at how they do it, and how you can claim the latest bonuses when you join up today.

        But first…

        Why does William Hill have 4 different online casinos?

        It’s probably the mostly commonly asked question – people want to know why there are a number of different types of casino available at William Hill? See the screenshot below, you’ll notice that there are 4 different ones! As you can see in this grab from their site:

        William Hill different available casinos

        The four offerings are adjacent on the main menu at the top, and in order from left to right are as follows, with a brief explanation of the different theme each one offers:

        • Vegas – Las Vegas themed, brings you the thrills of The Strip
        • Macau – Asian themed , home of both classic Asian casino games and innovative new games
        • Casino – The original online casino. Classic casino games with just the right level of bling!
        • Live Casino – Live dealer casino – play and chat with real time table hosts

        The short answer is that each of the different casinos have their own unique theme, designed to suit a different type of customer. In a moment we’ll have a more detailed look at each of the casinos, but first a quick note. The 4 different casino products listed above all have their own unique associated welcome bonus – so as you read on, take a moment to consider which one you are going to enjoy playing the most often. The bonuses for each casino have to be used and wagered in the appropriate casino, so bear this in mind when you are choosing your sign up bonus.

        William Hill Vegas

        Las Vegas is the home of the casino, the ultimate destination for anyone who fancies the real life thrill of the gamble. The Strip is home to all the worlds most famous casinos and is a fantastic place to visit. But it’s a long way away and not the sort of place you can just pop over to on a whim. So what’s the next best thing? Check out William Hill Vegas!

        Vegas is their most popular casino, themed and designed to bring the thrills of The Strip to your living room. The table games are modelled on those you’ll play in Vegas, so the most popular games such as Blackjack, roulette and Baccarat are all present and easily accessible. There’s plenty of variety too, with popular Vegas games such as Caribbean Poker, Let It Ride and Brag all available.

        It’s well laid out, easy to use and for those of you who are new to it all – or those that fancy brushing up – there are tutorials to help you get started with the games.

        William Hill Vegas Millions

        One of the most popular features of the Vegas casino is the Vegas millions jackpot on selected slots. You can access the games including it via the menu on the left or look for the logo in the main slots section. When you play a game with Vegas millions you’ll see various jackpot levels at the top of the screen – the ultimate aim of course is to win the enormous Vegas progressive pot. This is shared amongst all the games, so you can play any of them for a chance to scoop it. At the last check, it was approaching a staggering £2.5 million!! This video shows how the pots feature is activated, remember that the jackpot now is a lot higher than it was here!

        William Hill Macau

        This is the Asian themed casino, it has a classic Asian look and feel to it, and specialises in Chinese casino games. You’ll be able to play the more famous games such as Sic Bo and Pai Gow, plus innovative up to date twists on traditional games, with the likes of Macau Blackjack, Macau Roulette and Squeeze Baccarat.

        There is a distinct slots section, again including Asian themes, although you may well recognise some of the more popular names such as Thai Princess and Lucky 88 here.

        William Hill Casino

        This is the original, classic casino offering. They say it has just the right amount of bling – the excitement, thrills and entertainment, with the potential of fantastic wins. Everything a casino should be then really.

        It’s largely no fuss here, you get what you expect – a solid casino product, well presented and easy to use. They have all the core games you’d expect, with variations on style, rules and stakes meaning there’s something for everyone. Table games are prevalent, but it’s also home of a huge number of branded slots, you’ll find multi-reels featuring Spiderman, Avengers and Gladiator alongside familiar in shop games such as Jackpot Giant and Kong.

        William Hill Live Casino

        The final of the four is the Live Casino. The clue is in the title here, the genuine casino experience is recreated as faithfully as possible with live video and audio taking you right into the heart of the action. Rather than playing a computer simulation of a casino game, the Live version gives you a genuine live video feed of a real table. The ball actually spins, the cards are actually dealt. It’s all seamlessly integrated into the standard interface, but the live dealer definitely does add a little extra to the whole experience.

        The Live Casino is a little different to the other products as there are a much smaller array of games to choose from. You choose by category (i.e. roulette, blackjack, poker etc) to begin with, then you see a list of available tables. This is much like walking round a real casino choosing which table you fancy – there will be a range of stakes and game variations available, so choose the one you fancy and take a seat! Once connected, the live video feed will show you the latest action and give you a count down to the next bet. Place your bets then watch the action unfold! It’s by far the closest thing to a bricks and mortar casino you’ll get at home.

        William Hill Games

        In addition to these 4 casinos, William Hill also has a “Games” section, which includes a number of slots and roulette types games. These may be familiar to those of you who like to have a flutter in the William Hill shops, as they feature a number of popular games such as Mega Pots, 20p roulette and Rainbow Riches. The difference when you play online of course is that you can win huge progressive jackpots rather than the maximum of £500 that applies when playing the gaming machines.

        Whichever of the William Hill casinos you choose to play in you’re sure to be well looked after. In addition to their reputation for safety, security and solid customer service, they also know how to reward their customers. Some of the casino games will earn you “Comp points” – and once a month these can be traded for cash! The rules around this loyalty program are different for the different casino types, so please check the latest before you get started. Note that you do often have to opt-in to be eligible, so make sure you do this straight away to make the most of it.

        Good luck at William Hill and we hope you enjoy playing with them.