888sport free bet hunt

Remember a couple of summers ago kids went crazy chasing imaginary Pokemon around city streets on their phone, jumping in gardens, walking down streets glued to their handset and turning up in the weirdest of places? Well, 888Sport have offered a version of that game for punters. We do hope it has the same effect and can imagine groups of over 50s roaming the wilderness.

888 sport free bet hunt

888Sport’s free bet hunt is as exciting as it is hilarious, and what an idea they have come up with here. You can actually use your mobile phone to hunt down and capture free bets in time for the weekend! They have planted a number of free bets at random locations – mostly Premier League and Championship stadiums – this summer, and it’s your job to go and catch them. No need for the big net, it’s all done on your phone, so just being in the right place at the right time will be enough.

You can use these free bets on a long list of markets, and could very well use them to win big. 888Sport are one of the leading online bookmakers, with a real emphasis put on using technology to enhance your betting experience.

    How to go on a free bet hunt?

    Want to go on the free bet hunt? Here’s how to get involved. Sign up for a 888Sport online account, get a free bet and download the app. Then log in to the mobile site on a Saturday between 10:30 and 21:30 UK time, click on the free bet hunt link and you’ll be sent instructions on where to go. Beat the crowd and you’ll have a lovely free bet dropped into your account.

    We’ll give you a helping hand here, 888Sport are the principal partner of both Nottingham Forest and Birmingham City, so we suggest that would be a popular location to visit, although it won’t be the only venue. So, get your phone out and let the hunt begin.

    This is just one of many promotions for users of 888sport. We’ve got more detail in our review of the latest 888sport Promotion Code, including how to get a boost when you get started.