Bet365 auto cash out

We’ve all heard of cash out in the betting world – we know it, and we love it. With one bright idea, which started as a marketing ploy, betting was changed forever. No more near misses and crying over a late equaliser in the football. Cash out allows you to take the money and run, with the total offered depending on how your selections are getting on at any time during play.

All your football picks winning, a couple by a single goal? 1-0 is rarely enough. So, you could sit and sweat it out, hoping you’re on to a winner and the chunky prize pot, or you can settle the doubt and cash out, taking an offer from the banker before full time. A horrible last-minute goal goes against your side, not the end of the world when you have already taken the loot.

    Of course, it was only a matter of time before one firm added extra spice, and bet365 have done just that – cue their new auto cash out feature. Cash out, of course, relies on you sitting nervously in front of your computer, mobile or tablet, hovering your finger over the cash out button every time the opposition gets in a threatening position. But what if you have somewhere to be? Well, that doesn’t necessarily mean you must let it run.

    Bet365 allow you to set automatic cash out limits. Place your bet and go about your daily business, if the cash out option in your bet reaches or passes an agreed limit, for example £100, the feature will spring into action, making the decision for you. Check to see the results when you have a minute, and there could be a big chunk of change in your account.

    Bet365 auto cash out slider

    Here’s a run through how to set-up auto cash out. Simply click on the little cog icon on the cash out button, this will bring up the details. You can then set your threshold. ‘If the value reaches’ section allows you to input a cash amount, click create rule and it is in place. Your account will now automatically take the money when it reaches your magic number.

    This shouldn’t be confused with partial cash out, which is a completely different offer. Partial cash out allows you to grab some of your winnings, say 50% of what’s being offered, while letting the other half ride. Here you could win twice off the same bet – once for the cash out and once again if the bet comes home. What’s dangerous, perhaps, is you may just be on to a lot more, but this feature can be taken off again any time before the bet is cashed out. If things are going your way, better than expected, you can change, or completely remove, auto cash out during play.

    Bet365 auto cash out rules

    This sounds like an ideal way to monitor your bets, without actually having to monitor your bets. Here’s a few points from the small print that you should know about before using this new feature. Once the bet has been cashed out it’s over, settled and there’s no going back. The final result of the match will now have no bearing on your bet. All ties are cut.

    Bet365 offer a number of bonuses for Lucky 15/31/63 bets, but these do not come into play if you cash out a bet. And, one that always irks punters, cash out is not automatically available for every bet on every market. It is selected by traders to best cater for both punter and bookmaker, so there may be selections you have placed where the firm just don’t see any value in offering a cash out option.

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