William Hill Prem Predictor

Win £50 million!

The William Hill Prem Predictor is quite possibly the biggest bookie promotion of all time – they are giving you a chance to win £50 million! A truly enormous prize, and you can be in with a chance of winning it for just a £2 entry.

*** Enter the William Hill Prem Predictor and get started with a free bet! ***

1. Click the claim button or the William Hill banner to get started

    2. Use the current William Hill sign up offer, you need to use the correct William Hill promo code to claim it. We have an exclusive code which will bag you a tasty bonus!

    Prem Predictor screenshot

    3. Once logged into William Hill, click on Prem Predictor:

    4. The Prem Predictor webpage includes instructions on how to enter. There is also a handy guide further down this page, plus our hints and tips for how to maximize your chances of winning the big one!

    For further information about this promotion, check out the official video:

    How to play the Prem Predictor?

    You can play the Prem Predictor in a number of different ways. Once you have signed up to William Hill with the offer above, you can access your account via your computer, mobile browser or the dedicated Prem Predictor app. All of these methods will accept the same username and password that you have chosen for yourself.

    Log onto William Hill with your preferred method, and navigate to the Prem Predictor. You’ll see all 20 Premier League teams, and note that they start off ordered from the favourites down to the likely relegation contenders. On the website they will also be arranged into groups, with a group for the top 4, the bottom 3 and the rest in the middle. You simply drag and drop them into the order you think they will finish the season in. Once done, confirm you selections and place your entry, simple as that.

    Why enter the Prem Predictor?

    For just two quid you’ve got a shot at the enormous jackpot of £50 million! Even in the event that the prize is shared between 10 players, it’s STILL £5 million a player. A truly huge prize the likes of which has never been seen before.

    You could of course use your £2 to play the lottery. But there’s no skill in that and the prize isn’t as big, so what’s the point? Have a pop at this and watch the season unfold with a little more excitement than normal.

    Prem Predictor Tips

    OK, there’s no doubt that it’s a tough ask to put all 20 teams in their exact finishing positions, but you’re not going to win £50m quite that easy are you?! So how do you go about choosing the likely finishing positions of all the teams? We’ve got a few suggestions to help you in your decision making, but we’ll stop short of giving away our own list, that’s top secret!

    Firstly, remember that you can enter until 3pm on 22nd August 2015. This is actually 2 full weeks into the Premier League season, and you’ll have a very early indication of the form of some of the teams. We’d suggest you take this into account rather than rushing your entries in early. If you have a closer look at the fixtures you’ll also note that Man United host Newcastle on 22nd August 2015, with a lunchtime kickoff. So you can even wait until that game is finished before you put your final selections in. It might make the difference between Man Utd for 1st or 7th in your thinking, time will tell.

    Secondly, we’d suggest you pay close attention to the players likely to have the biggest impact on the season as a whole. There are already a few key players likely to be missing from the first weeks of the new Prem season, so keep this in mind if you think it could affect the teams they play for.

    Our third suggestion is to scour the papers for any final transfer dealings. There have been plenty big transfers so far this summer, but are there more to come? A big player coming in could certainly make a place or two difference in the final reckoning.

    Finally, have a look at the markets for Premier League winner, relegation, top 6 finish etc. The odds for these are widely available, and these give you an indication into where the bookies reckon each team might finish. They know what they are talking about, so it’s a useful thing to have in your thinking.

    Good Luck in the Prem Predictor

    It’s a tough one, there’s no doubt there. But good luck with it, and we hope it adds a little extra to your enjoyment of the new football season. If you’ve read our tips above and manage to win it as a result, remember us when you’re sat on your new yacht!

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